Implementing effective navigation

This class demonstrates how to implement the key navigation design patterns detailed in the Designing Effective Navigation class.

After reading the lessons in this class, you should have a strong understanding of how to implement navigation patterns with tabs, swipe views, and a navigation drawer. You should also understand how to provide proper Up and Back navigation.

Note: Several elements of this class require the Support Library APIs. If you have not used the Support Library before, follow the instructions in the Support Library Setup document.

You should also read the App bar, Fragments, and Designing for multiple screens training. To try out the features in these lessons, download the Effective Navigation sample app.


Creating Swipe Views with Tabs
Learn how to implement tabs in the action bar and provide horizontal paging (swipe views) to navigate between tabs.
Creating a Navigation Drawer
Learn how to build an interface with a hidden navigation drawer on the side of the screen that opens with a swipe or by pressing the action bar's app icon.
Providing Up Navigation
Learn how to implement Up navigation using the action bar's app icon.
Providing Proper Back Navigation
Learn how to correctly handle the Back button in special cases, including how to insert activities into the back stack when deep-linking the user from notifications or app widgets.
Implementing Descendant Navigation
Learn the finer points of navigating down into your application's information hierarchy.