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CameraX lab-tested devices

The following table shows you the devices that CameraX libraries are being tested on. To find out if a specific device is being tested, start typing the name of the device in the filter field.

Manufacturer Model Name
GoogleNexus 5Google Nexus 5
GooglePixel 1Google Pixel
GooglePixel 2Google Pixel 2
GooglePixel 3Google Pixel 3
HuaweiALE-L21Huawei P8 lite
HuaweiALP-L29Huawei Mate 10
HuaweiANE-LX1Huawei P20 lite
HuaweiBKL-L04Huawei Honor View 10
HuaweiCLT-L29Huawei P20 Pro
HuaweiCOL-L29Huawei Honor 10
HuaweiDUB-LX1Huawei Y7 (2019)
HuaweiEML-L29Huawei P20
HuaweiFIG-LX1Huawei P Smart
HuaweiHWI-AL00Huawei Nova 2s
HuaweiINE-LX2Huawei Nova 3i
HuaweiPAR-LX9Huawei Nova 3
HuaweiRNE-L21Huawei Mate 10 Lite
LGELG-M250LG K10 (2017)
LGELM-X210LG Aristo 2
MotorolaMoto CMotorola Moto C
MotorolaMoto E(4)Motorola Moto E4
Motorolamoto e5 playMotorola Moto E5 Play
MotorolaMoto G (2)Motorola Moto G2
MotorolaMoto G (5)Motorola G5
MotorolaMoto G(4)Motorola Moto G4
MotorolaMoto G(6)Motorola Moto G6
MotorolaMoto G(7)Motorola Moto G7
MotorolaMoto G(7) PlayMotorola Moto G7 Play
MotorolaMotoG3Motorola Moto G3
NokiaNokia1Nokia Nokia1
Oppo A37FA37fOPPO A37f
Oppo A3sCPH1803OPPO A3s
Oppo A71KCPH1801OPPO A71k
Oppo F9CPH1823OPPO F9
Oppo AX5sCPH1909OPPO AX5s
Oppo F1SA1601OPPO F1s
SamsungSM-A105FSamsung Galaxy A10
SamsungSM-A107FSamsung Galaxy A10s
SamsungSM-A260FSamsung Galaxy A2 Core
SamsungSM-A205FSamsung Galaxy A20
SamsungSM-A520FSamsung Galaxy A5
SamsungSM-A505FSamsung Galaxy A50
SamsungSM-A750GNSamsung Galaxy A7
SamsungSM-G532FSamsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus
SamsungSM-G532GSamsung Galaxy J2 Prime (India)
SamsungSM-G532MSamsung Galaxy J2 Prime (Asia/Latin America)
SamsungSM-G570MSamsung Galaxy J5 Prime (Latin America)
SamsungSM-G610FSamsung Galaxy J7 Prime
SamsungSM-G610MSamsung Galaxy J7 Prime (Latin America)
SamsungSM-G900ASamsung Galaxy S5 (AT&T)
SamsungSM-G900FSamsung Galaxy S5
SamsungSM-G920FSamsung Galaxy S6
SamsungSM-G920VSamsung Galaxy S6 (USA)
SamsungSM-G930FSamsung Galaxy S7
SamsungSM-G930VSamsung Galaxy S7 (Verizon)
SamsungSM-G935FSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge
SamsungSM-G935VSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge (USA)
SamsungSM-G950FSamsung Galaxy S8
SamsungSM-G955FSamsung Galaxy S8+
SamsungSM-G955USamsung Galaxy S8+ (USA)
SamsungSM-G960FSamsung Galaxy S9
SamsungSM-G960USamsung Galaxy S9 (USA)
SamsungSM-G965USamsung Galaxy S9+ (USA)
SamsungSM-G973FSamsung Galaxy S10
SamsungSM-J105BSamsung Galaxy J1 mini
SamsungSM-J111FSamsung Galaxy J1 Ace
SamsungSM-J200GSamsung Galaxy J2 (India)
SamsungSM-J200HSamsung Galaxy J2 (S. Africa)
SamsungSM-J200MSamsung Galaxy J2
SamsungSM-J260MSamsung Galaxy J2 Core (Latin America)
SamsungSM-J320ASamsung Galaxy J3 (AT&T)
SamsungSM-J320FSamsung Galaxy J3 (EMEA 2016)
SamsungSM-J320FNSamsung Galaxy J3 (Europe 2016)
SamsungSM-J327USamsung Galaxy J3 (USA)
SamsungSM-J510FNSamsung Galaxy J5 (Europe)
SamsungSM-J530FSamsung Galaxy J5 (2017)
SamsungSM-J600GSamsung Galaxy J6
SamsungSM-J700FSamsung Galaxy J7
SamsungSM-J700MSamsung Galaxy J7 (Latin America)
SamsungSM-J701FSamsung Galaxy J7 Neo
SamsungSM-J710FSamsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
SamsungSM-J710MNSamsung Galaxy J7 (Latin America 2016)
SamsungSM-J727R4Samsung Galaxy J7 (USA 2017)
SamsungSM-N950USamsung Galaxy Note 8 (USA)
SamsungSM-N950U1Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (USA)
SamsungSM-N975USamsung Galaxy Note 10 (USA)
TecnoTecno KB8Tecno KB8
UnimaxU683CLUnimax U683CL
VivoVivo 1820Vivo Y91i
VivoVivo 1904Vivo Y12
XiaomiRedmi 4AXiaomi Redmi 4A
XiaomiRedmi 4XXiaomi Redmi 4X
XiaomiRedmi 5AXiaomi Redmi 5A
XiaomiRedmi 6AXiaomi Redmi 6A
XiaomiRedmi 7Xiaomi Redmi 7
XiaomiRedmi Note 4Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
XiaomiRedmi Note 5Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
XiaomiRedmi Note 7Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
XiaomiRedmi Note 8Xiaomi Redmi Note 8