Take your app from good to better to best

This article charts the optimal progression of a media app from a likely starting place to best-in-class. It's designed to help you think about scaling your app over time, and what features to implement when. While every media app is different, consider these recommendations to achieve a best-in-class app.

Basic media app

A basic media app provides users with a foundational experience, which may include:

  • Offering in-app content browsing and discovery
  • Offering an in-app media player with playback controls
  • Using formats that are supported across the Android ecosystem
  • Implementing best practices, such as using the latest version of the Jetpack Media3 library
  • Investing in accessibility

Better media app

A better media app starts to grow its reach to meet users where they are and increase engagement. You may also start to consider more holistic improvements in your app, which may include:

Best-in-class media app

A best-in-class media app builds on the previous recommendations to create a seamless multidevice experience for users, which may include: