Glance interoperability

In some cases, you may want to use XML and RemoteViews to provide a view. Perhaps you have already implemented a feature without Glance, or the feature is not yet available or possible with the current Glance API. For these situations, Glance provides AndroidRemoteViews, an interoperability API.

The AndroidRemoteViews composable allows RemoteViews to be placed together with your other composables:

val packageName = LocalContext.current.packageName
Column(modifier = GlanceModifier.fillMaxSize()) {
    Text("Isn't that cool?")
    AndroidRemoteViews(RemoteViews(packageName, R.layout.example_layout))

Create and define the RemoteViews as you would without Glance, and simply pass it as a parameter.

In addition, you can create RemoteViews containers for your composables:

    remoteViews = RemoteViews(packageName, R.layout.my_container_view),
    containerViewId =
) {
    Column(modifier = GlanceModifier.fillMaxSize()) {
        Text("My title")
        Text("Maybe a long content...")

In this case, a layout that contains the "container" is passed with the defined ID. This container must be a ViewGroup, since it is used to place the defined content.