Compose Compiler Gradle plugin

For Gradle users, you can use the Compose Compiler Gradle plugin to make setting up and configuring Compose easier.

Set up with Gradle version catalogs

The following instructions outline how how can set up the Compose Compiler Gradle plugin:

  1. In your libs.versions.toml file, remove any reference to the Compose compiler
  2. In the plugins section, add the following new dependency
kotlin = "2.0.0"

org-jetbrains-kotlin-android = { id = "", version.ref = "kotlin" }

// Add this line
compose-compiler = { id = "org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.compose", version.ref = "kotlin" }
  1. In your projects root build.gradle.kts file, add the following to the plugins section:
plugins {
   // Existing plugins
   alias(libs.plugins.compose.compiler) apply false
  1. In each module that uses Compose, apply the plugin:
plugins {
   // Existing plugins

Your app should now build and compile if you are using the default set up. If you had configured custom options on the Compose compiler, see the following section.

Set up without Gradle version catalogs

To set up the Compose Compiler Gradle plugin without version catalogs, add the following plugin to build.gradle.kts files associated with modules you use Compose:

plugins {
    id("org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.compose") version "2.0.0" // this version matches your Kotlin version

Configuration options with the Compose Compiler Gradle Plugin

To configure the Compose compiler using the Gradle plugin, add the composeCompiler block to the module's build.gradle.kts file at the top level.

android { … }

composeCompiler {
    enableStrongSkippingMode = true

    reportsDestination = layout.buildDirectory.dir("compose_compiler")
    stabilityConfigurationFile = rootProject.layout.projectDirectory.file("stability_config.conf")

For the full list of available options, see the documentation.