Check errors

Relay for Figma detects issues that might cause problems in generated code, like naming collisions or using unsupported Figma properties. As you work with UI Packages, warnings and blocking issues are displayed in the bottom of the plugin window.

Number of issues shown at the bottom left of the plugin

Click the red message to view more information about the issues.

List of blocking issues and warnings

Blocking issues must be resolved before sharing UI Packages with developers. Warnings pose a risk of causing blocking issues, but generally do not prevent designers from sharing their designs with developers.

As blocking issues and warnings are addressed, they disappear from the issues panel. After all blocking issues and warnings are resolved, the error message disappears.

See Figma and Translation Limitations for the details of supported and unsupported features.


The following UI Package has a name collision between the parent and child package: “direction.” Disambiguating these two names prevents errors in the generated code.

Resolving an issue by renaming the parameter