CircularRevealHelper.Strategy Which strategy this view should use to create the circular reveal effect. 


CircularRevealWidget Interface which denotes that a View supports a circular clip and scrim color, even for pre-L APIs. 


CircularRevealCompat Defines compat implementations of circular reveal animations. 
CircularRevealFrameLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for FrameLayout
CircularRevealGridLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for GridLayout
CircularRevealHelper Helper class to implement circular reveal functionality. 
CircularRevealLinearLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for LinearLayout
CircularRevealRelativeLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for RelativeLayout
CircularRevealWidget.CircularRevealEvaluator A TypeEvaluator that performs type interpolation between two CircularRevealWidget.RevealInfos. 
CircularRevealWidget.CircularRevealProperty A Property wrapper around the compound circularReveal functionality on a CircularRevealWidget
CircularRevealWidget.CircularRevealScrimColorProperty A Property wrapper around the circularRevealScrimColor functionality on a CircularRevealWidget
CircularRevealWidget.RevealInfo RevealInfo holds three values for a circular reveal.