Shader pane

The Shader pane allows you to see individual shaders used in the trace.

To use this pane, select a shader in the list. This creates a new tab that shows the shader's source as well as static analysis statistics.

To see the specific shader bound to a specific stage in the pipeline, view that stage in the Pipeline view.

Shader pane
Figure 1. Shader pane

Select shader code

You can select either SPIR-V or, if possible, GLSL. Note:

  • If the SPIR-V code provides the original GLSL code in its OpSource instruction, the GLSL tab simply shows the same code. If not, AGI attempts to decompile the SPIR-V into GLSL using SPIRV-Cross.
  • If an error occurs in the decompilation, the option to show GLSL source code isn't available.

Static analysis

AGI provides statistics from a static analysis of the SPIR-V shader. Here are the statistics supported:

Statistic Description
ALU Instructions Number of instructions in the shader that uses the ALU.
Texture Instructions Number of texture fetches in the shader.
Branch Instructions Number of branching instructions in the shader.
Peak Temporary Register Pressure The highest number of concurrently live temporary registers. A temporary value's lifetime starts at its defition and ends at its last use in the shader. The statistic adds p the number of registers each live value uses (for example, a 4D float would be 4 registers).