EspressoException Used for identifying an exception as coming from the Espresso framework. 
FailureHandler Handles failures that happen during test execution. 
IdlingResource Represents a resource of an application under test which can cause asynchronous background work to happen during test execution (e.g. 
IdlingResource.ResourceCallback Registered by an IdlingResource to notify Espresso of a transition to idle. 
UiController Provides base-level UI operations (such as injection of MotionEvents) that can be used to build user actions such as clicks, scrolls, swipes, etc. 
ViewAction Responsible for performing an interaction on the given View element. 
ViewAssertion Responsible for performing assertions on a View element. 
ViewFinder Uses matchers to locate particular views within the view hierarchy. 
ViewInteractionComponent Dagger component for view interaction classes. 


AmbiguousViewMatcherException.Builder Builder for AmbiguousViewMatcherException
DataInteraction An interface to interact with data displayed in AdapterViews. 
DataInteraction.DisplayDataMatcher Internal matcher that is required for onData(Matcher)
Espresso Entry point to the Espresso framework. 
IdlingPolicies Allows users fine grain control over idling policies. 
IdlingPolicy Allows users to control idling idleTimeouts in Espresso. 
IdlingRegistry Handles registering and unregistering of IdlingResources with Espresso from within your application code. 
NoMatchingViewException.Builder Builder for NoMatchingViewException
PerformException.Builder Builder for PerformException
Root Represents a root view in the application and optionally the layout params of the window holding it. 
ViewInteraction Provides the primary interface for test authors to perform actions or asserts on views. 


AmbiguousViewMatcherException An exception which indicates that a Matcher matched multiple views in the hierarchy when only one view was expected. 
AppNotIdleException An exception which indicates that the App has not become idle even after the specified duration. 
IdlingResourceTimeoutException Indicates that an IdlingResource, which has been registered with the framework, has not idled within the allowed time. 
InjectEventSecurityException An checked Exception indicating that event injection failed with a SecurityException
NoActivityResumedException An exception which indicates that there are no activities in stage RESUMED. 
NoMatchingRootException Indicates that a given matcher did not match any Roots (windows) from those that are currently available. 
NoMatchingViewException Indicates that a given matcher did not match any elements in the view hierarchy. 
PerformException Indicates that an exception occurred while performing a ViewAction on the UI thread.