MaterialContainerTransformSharedElementCallback.ShapeProvider Allows providing a ShapeAppearanceModel for the shared element view. 
VisibilityAnimatorProvider An interface which is able to provide an Animator to be supplied to a Visibility transition when a target view is appearing or disappearing. 


FadeProvider A class that configures and is able to provide an Animator that fades a view. 
FadeThroughProvider A class that configures and is able to provide an Animator that fades out or in a view. 
Hold A Visibility Transition that does nothing to the target views, which can be useful for preserving a scene on screen during a Fragment transition. 
MaterialArcMotion A Material PathMotion that results in a more dramatic curve than ArcMotion
MaterialContainerTransform A shared element Transition that transforms one container to another. 
MaterialContainerTransform.ProgressThresholds A class which holds a start and end value which represent a range within 0.0 - 1.0. 
MaterialContainerTransformSharedElementCallback A SharedElementCallback to be used for MaterialContainerTransform transitions. 
MaterialContainerTransformSharedElementCallback.ShapeableViewShapeProvider A MaterialContainerTransformSharedElementCallback.ShapeProvider that provides the view's ShapeAppearanceModel if the view implements the Shapeable interface. 
MaterialElevationScale A Visibility transition that scales the size of a surface up or down to emphasize elevation changes. 
MaterialFade A Visibility transition that is composed of a fade and scale of incoming content and a simple fade of outgoing content. 
MaterialFadeThrough A Visibility transition that, by default, provides a fade in and scale out when appearing and a fade out and scale out when disappearing. 
MaterialSharedAxis A Visibility transition that provides shared motion along an axis. 
ScaleProvider A class that configures and is able to provide an Animator that scales a view. 
SlideDistanceProvider A class that can configure and create an Animator that slides a view vertically or horizontally slide over a specific distance.