public class BottomAppBarTopEdgeTreatment
extends EdgeTreatment implements Cloneable


Top edge treatment for the bottom app bar which "cradles" a circular FloatingActionButton.

This edge features a downward semi-circular cutout from the edge line. The two corners created by the cutout can optionally be rounded. The circular cutout can also support a vertically offset FloatingActionButton; i.e., the cut-out need not be a perfect semi-circle, but could be an arc of less than 180 degrees that does not start or finish with a vertical path. This vertical offset must be positive.


Public constructors

BottomAppBarTopEdgeTreatment(float fabMargin, float roundedCornerRadius, float cradleVerticalOffset)

Public methods

void getEdgePath(float length, float center, float interpolation, ShapePath shapePath)

Generates a ShapePath for this edge treatment.

float getFabCornerRadius()
void setFabCornerSize(float size)

Inherited methods

Public constructors


public BottomAppBarTopEdgeTreatment (float fabMargin, 
                float roundedCornerRadius, 
                float cradleVerticalOffset)

fabMargin float: the margin in pixels between the cutout and the fab.

roundedCornerRadius float: the radius, in pixels, of the rounded corners created by the cutout. A value of 0 will produce a sharp cutout.

cradleVerticalOffset float: vertical offset, in pixels, of the FloatingActionButton being cradled. An offset of 0 indicates the vertical center of the FloatingActionButton is positioned on the top edge.

Public methods


public void getEdgePath (float length, 
                float center, 
                float interpolation, 
                ShapePath shapePath)

Generates a ShapePath for this edge treatment.

EdgeTreatments have an origin of (0, 0) and a destination of (0, length) (i.e. they represent the top edge), and are automatically rotated and scaled as necessary when applied to other edges. Only the horizontal, top EdgeTreatment needs to be defined in order to apply it to all four edges.

length float: the length of the edge.

center float: the distance to the center of the edge. This takes into account any offset added by the proceeding corner. Drawing anything at (center, 0) will be center aligned with the shape. Normally you'll want to use this instead of length / 2.

interpolation float: the interpolation of the edge treatment. Ranges between 0 (none) and 1 (fully) interpolated. Custom edge treatments can implement interpolation to support shape transition between two arbitrary states. Typically, a value of 0 indicates that the custom edge treatment is not rendered (i.e. that it is a straight line), and a value of 1 indicates that the treatment is fully rendered. Animation between these two values can "heal" or "reveal" an edge treatment.

shapePath ShapePath: the ShapePath that this treatment should write to.


public float getFabCornerRadius ()



public void setFabCornerSize (float size)

size float