Game development guides

This documentation covers tools, libraries, best practices, and tips for optimization to help make your game a great user experience across the widest range of Android devices.

Guidance for how you develop

Beaker, light-bulb, lightning bolt If you're doing the majority of your development within a game engine such as Godot, Defold, Unreal, or Unity, we have guidance to help you get started, follow best practices for mobile devices, and help you distribute your game. We have tools to help tune your game to provide the best experience on the most devices.

Tools, stars, planet If you're building a game engine from scratch, porting a game engine from another platform, customizing a game engine, or just working closely with the source code of a game engine, we can help even more with guidance and libraries that make it easier to make the most of Android.

Best practices for mobile development

Mobile phone

Regardless of whether you're using a prebuilt game engine or a custom one, we can help you bring your game to the widest audience through best practices around art assets, identity, distribution, and more.

Game optimization

Game Controls Use our tools and services to improve your game's performance, increase battery life, reduce memory, minimize download size, and reduce its on-device footprint.