AnimatableView Represents a View that provides animation callbacks. 
AnimatableView.Listener Represents a callback for an AnimatableView
TransformationCallback<T extends View> Callback to be invoked when the view undergoes a transformation (e.g., translation or scale). 


ArgbEvaluatorCompat This evaluator can be used to perform type interpolation between integer values that represent ARGB colors. 
ChildrenAlphaProperty A Property for the alpha of a ViewGroup's children. 
DrawableAlphaProperty Compat property for Drawable.getAlpha() and Drawable.setAlpha(int) for pre-K devices. 
ImageMatrixProperty Property wrapper for ImageView.getImageMatrix() and ImageView.setImageMatrix(Matrix)
MatrixEvaluator Type evaluator for Matrix interpolation. 
MotionSpec A motion spec contains multiple named motion timings
MotionTiming A representation of timing for an animation. 
Positioning A representation of the positioning of a view relative to another.