added in version 26.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static class Program.Builder
extends Object


This Builder class simplifies the creation of a Program object.


Public constructors


Creates a new Builder object.

Program.Builder(Program other)

Creates a new Builder object with values copied from another Program.

Public methods

Program build()
T extends Builder setAudioLanguages(String[] audioLanguages)

Sets the available audio languages for this program as an array of strings.

Program.Builder setBroadcastGenres(String[] genres)

Sets the broadcast-specified genres of the program.

T extends Builder setCanonicalGenres(String[] genres)

Sets the genres of the program.

Program.Builder setChannelId(long channelId)

Sets the ID of the Channel that contains this program.

T extends Builder setContentRatings(TvContentRating[] contentRatings)

Sets the content ratings for this program.

T extends Builder setDescription(String description)

Sets a brief description of the program.

Program.Builder setEndTimeUtcMillis(long endTimeUtcMillis)

Sets the time when this program is going to end in milliseconds since the epoch.

T extends Builder setEpisodeNumber(int episodeNumber)

Sets the episode number in a season for this episode for a series.

T extends Builder setEpisodeNumber(String episodeNumber, int numericalEpisodeNumber)

Sets the episode number in a season for this episode for a series.

T extends Builder setEpisodeTitle(String episodeTitle)

Sets the title of this particular episode for a series.

T extends Builder setId(long programId)

Sets a unique id for this program.

T extends Builder setInternalProviderData(byte[] data)

Sets the internal provider data for the program as raw bytes.

T extends Builder setInternalProviderFlag1(long flag)

Sets the internal provider flag1 for the program.

T extends Builder setInternalProviderFlag2(long flag)

Sets the internal provider flag2 for the program.

T extends Builder setInternalProviderFlag3(long flag)

Sets the internal provider flag3 for the program.

T extends Builder setInternalProviderFlag4(long flag)

Sets the internal provider flag4 for the program.

T extends Builder setLongDescription(String longDescription)

Sets a longer description of a program if one exists.

T extends Builder setPosterArtUri(Uri posterArtUri)

Sets the large poster art of the program.

Program.Builder setRecordingProhibited(boolean prohibited)

Sets whether this program cannot be recorded.

T extends Builder setReviewRating(String reviewRating)

Sets the review rating score for this program.

T extends Builder setReviewRatingStyle(int reviewRatingStyle)

Sets the review rating score style used for setReviewRating(String).