added in version 22.1.0
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public class ListRowPresenter
extends RowPresenter


ListRowPresenter renders ListRow using a HorizontalGridView hosted in a ListRowView.

Hover card

Optionally, setHoverCardPresenterSelector(PresenterSelector) can be used to display a view for the currently focused list item below the rendered list. This view is known as a hover card.

Row selection animation

ListRowPresenter disables RowPresenter's default full row dimming effect and draws a dim overlay on each child individually. A subclass may disable the overlay on each child by overriding isUsingDefaultListSelectEffect() to return false and write its own child dim effect in applySelectLevelToChild(ViewHolder, View).


ListRowPresenter applies a default shadow to each child view. Call setShadowEnabled(boolean) to disable shadows. A subclass may override and return false in isUsingDefaultShadow() and replace with its own shadow implementation.


Nested classes

class ListRowPresenter.SelectItemViewHolderTask

A task on the ListRowPresenter.ViewHolder that can select an item by position in the HorizontalGridView and perform an optional item task on it. 

class ListRowPresenter.ViewHolder

ViewHolder for the ListRowPresenter. 

Inherited constants

From class

Public constructors


Constructs a ListRowPresenter with defaults.

ListRowPresenter(int focusZoomFactor)

Constructs a ListRowPresenter with the given parameters.

ListRowPresenter(int focusZoomFactor, boolean useFocusDimmer)

Constructs a ListRowPresenter with the given parameters.

Public methods

final boolean areChildRoundedCornersEnabled()

Returns true if rounded corners are enabled for children of this row.

final void enableChildRoundedCorners(boolean enable)

Enables or disabled rounded corners on children of this row.

void freeze(RowPresenter.ViewHolder holder, boolean freeze)

Freezes/unfreezes the row, typically used when a transition starts/ends.

int getExpandedRowHeight()

Returns the expanded row height for rows created by this Presenter.

final int getFocusZoomFactor()

Returns the zoom factor used for focus highlighting.

final PresenterSelector getHoverCardPresenterSelector()

Returns the PresenterSelector used for showing a select object in a hover card.

int getRecycledPoolSize(Presenter presenter)

Returns the recycled pool size for the given presenter.