added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class RowHeaderPresenter
extends Presenter


RowHeaderPresenter provides a default presentation for HeaderItem using a RowHeaderView and optionally a TextView for description. If a subclass creates its own view, the subclass must also override onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup), onSelectLevelChanged(ViewHolder).


Nested classes

class RowHeaderPresenter.ViewHolder

A ViewHolder for the RowHeaderPresenter. 

Public constructors


Creates default RowHeaderPresenter using a title view and a description view.

Public methods

int getSpaceUnderBaseline(RowHeaderPresenter.ViewHolder holder)

Returns the space (distance in pixels) below the baseline of the text view, if one exists; otherwise, returns 0.

boolean isNullItemVisibilityGone()

Returns true if the view visibility is set to GONE when bound to null.

void onBindViewHolder(Presenter.ViewHolder viewHolder, Object item)

Binds a View to an item.

Presenter.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent)

Creates a new View.

void onUnbindViewHolder(Presenter.ViewHolder viewHolder)

Unbinds a View from an item.

void setNullItemVisibilityGone(boolean nullItemVisibilityGone)

Optionally sets the view visibility to GONE when bound to null.

final void setSelectLevel(RowHeaderPresenter.ViewHolder holder, float selectLevel)

Sets the select level.

Protected methods

static float getFontDescent(TextView textView, Paint fontMeasurePaint)
void onSelectLevelChanged(RowHeaderPresenter.ViewHolder holder)

Called when the select level changes.

Inherited methods

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