interface DirectoryInput : QualifiedContent

A QualifiedContent of type directory.

This means the getFile is the root directory containing the content.

This also contains incremental data if the transform is in incremental mode through getChangedFiles.

For a transform to run in incremental mode:

If the transform is not in incremental mode, getChangedFiles will not contain any information (it will not contain the list of all the files with state NOTCHANGED.)

When a root level directory is removed, and incremental mode is on, the instance will receive a DirectoryInput instance for the removed folder, but getFile will return a directory that does not exist. In this case, the transform should prcess this as a removed input.


Public functions

Map<File?, Status?>

Returns the changed files.

Inherited functions

From class QualifiedContent

Returns the type of content that the stream represents.


Returns he location of the content.


Returns the name of the content.


Returns the scope of the content.

Public functions


fun getChangedFiles(): Map<File?, Status?>

Returns the changed files. This is only valid if the transform is in incremental mode.