@Incubating object SingleArtifact.APK_FROM_BUNDLE : Artifact, Artifact.Single, SingleArtifact, Artifact.Transformable

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     ↳ Artifact.Single
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         ↳ SingleArtifact.APK_FROM_BUNDLE

Universal APK that contains assets for all screen densities. It is not optimized for particular phone and is much bigger than regular APKs. Build creates a bundle file first and then generates Universal APK from it.

It's not efficient to use APK_FROM_BUNDLE because of size and because it creates a Bundle (.aab) file first and finally extracts the APK from it. These steps will slow your build flow. Thus, unless your intent is to check the universal APK as produced from a .aab file, prefer APK.


Inherited functions

From class Artifact
open String

Provide a unique name for the artifact type.

From class SingleArtifact