public final class WatchFaceConfigIntentHelper

Helper functions for use by watch face configuration activities. In general, there are two distinct users:

  • ones creating Intents

  • ones receiving and responding to those Intents.

To register a configuration activity for a watch face, add a <meta-data> entry to the watch face component in its Android Manifest file with an intent action to be fired to start the activity. The following meta-data will register the androidx.wear.watchface.editor.action.WATCH_FACE_EDITOR action to be started when configuring a watch face on the wearable device:

android:value="androidx.wear.watchface.editor.action.WATCH_FACE_EDITOR" />

To register a configuration activity to be started on a companion phone, add the following alternative meta-data entry to the watch face component:

android:value="androidx.wear.watchface.editor.action.WATCH_FACE_EDITOR" />

The activity should have an intent filter which lists the action specified in the meta-data block above, in addition to the two categories present in the following example:

<activity android:name=".MyWatchFaceConfigActivity">
<action android:name="androidx.wear.watchface.editor.action.WATCH_FACE_EDITOR" />
<category android:name=
"" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />

For phone side configuration activities, substitute the category for