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WebViewCompat.VisualStateCallback Callback interface supplied to WebViewCompat.postVisualStateCallback(WebView, long, WebViewCompat.VisualStateCallback) for receiving notifications about the visual state. 


SafeBrowsingResponseCompat Compatibility version of SafeBrowsingResponse
ServiceWorkerClientCompat Base class for clients to capture Service Worker related callbacks, see ServiceWorkerControllerCompat for usage example. 
ServiceWorkerControllerCompat Manages Service Workers used by WebView. 
ServiceWorkerWebSettingsCompat Manages settings state for all Service Workers. 
WebMessageCompat The Java representation of the HTML5 PostMessage event. 

The Java representation of the HTML5 message ports. 

WebMessagePortCompat.WebMessageCallbackCompat The listener for handling MessagePort events. 
WebResourceErrorCompat Compatibility version of WebResourceError
WebResourceRequestCompat Compatibility version of WebResourceRequest
WebSettingsCompat Compatibility version of WebSettings  
WebViewClientCompat Compatibility version of WebViewClient
WebViewCompat Compatibility version of WebView  
WebViewFeature Utility class for checking which WebView Support Library features are supported on the device.