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EncryptedFile Class used to create and read encrypted files. 
EncryptedFile.Builder Builder class to configure EncryptedFile  
EncryptedSharedPreferences An implementation of SharedPreferences that encrypts keys and values. 
MasterKey Wrapper for a master key used in the library. 
MasterKey.Builder Builder for generating a MasterKey
MasterKeys This class is deprecated. Use MasterKey.Builder to work with master keys.  


EncryptedFile.FileEncryptionScheme The encryption scheme to encrypt files. 
EncryptedSharedPreferences.PrefKeyEncryptionScheme The encryption scheme to encrypt keys. 
EncryptedSharedPreferences.PrefValueEncryptionScheme The encryption scheme to encrypt values. 
MasterKey.KeyScheme Algorithm/Cipher choices used for the master key.