public final data class PagingSource.LoadResult.Error<Key extends Object, Value extends Object> extends PagingSource.LoadResult

Error result object for PagingSource.load.

This return type indicates an expected, recoverable error (such as a network load failure). This failure will be forwarded to the UI as a LoadState.Error, and may be retried.

 * Sample page-keyed PagingSource, which uses Int page number to load pages.
 * Loads Items from network requests via Retrofit to a backend service.
 * Note that the key type is Int, since we're using page number to load a page.
class MyPagingSource(
    val myBackend: MyBackendService
) : PagingSource<Int, Item>() {
    override suspend fun load(params: LoadParams<Int>): LoadResult<Int, Item> {

        // Retrofit calls that return the body type throw either IOException for network
        // failures, or HttpException for any non-2xx HTTP status codes. This code reports all
        // errors to the UI, but you can inspect/wrap the exceptions to provide more context.
        return try {
            // Key may be null during a refresh, if no explicit key is passed into Pager
            // construction. Use 0 as default, because our API is indexed started at index 0
            val pageNumber = params.key ?: 0

            // Suspending network load via Retrofit. This doesn't need to be wrapped in a
            // withContext(Dispatcher.IO) { ... } block since Retrofit's Coroutine
            // CallAdapter dispatches on a worker thread.
            val response = myBackend.searchItems(pageNumber)

            // Since 0 is the lowest page number, return null to signify no more pages should
            // be loaded before it.
            val prevKey = if (pageNumber > 0) pageNumber - 1 else null

            // This API defines that it's out of data when a page returns empty. When out of
            // data, we return `null` to signify no more pages should be loaded
            val nextKey = if (response.items.isNotEmpty()) pageNumber + 1 else null
                data = response.items,
                prevKey = prevKey,
                nextKey = nextKey
        } catch (e: IOException) {
        } catch (e: HttpException) {

    override fun getRefreshKey(state: PagingState<Int, Item>): Int? {
        return state.anchorPosition?.let {
                ?: state.closestPageToPosition(it)?.nextKey?.minus(1)


Public fields

final @NonNull Throwable

Public constructors

<Key extends Object, Value extends Object> Error(Throwable throwable)

Public fields


public final @NonNull Throwable throwable

Public constructors


public final <Key extends Object, Value extends Object> Error(Throwable throwable)