CustomTabColorSchemeParams Contains visual parameters of a Custom Tab that may depend on the color scheme. 
CustomTabColorSchemeParams.Builder Builder class for CustomTabColorSchemeParams objects. 
CustomTabsCallback A callback class for custom tabs client to get messages regarding events in their custom tabs. 
CustomTabsClient Class to communicate with a CustomTabsService and create CustomTabsSession from it. 
CustomTabsIntent Class holding the Intent and start bundle for a Custom Tabs Activity. 
CustomTabsIntent.Builder Builder class for CustomTabsIntent objects. 
CustomTabsService Abstract service class for implementing Custom Tabs related functionality. 
CustomTabsServiceConnection Abstract ServiceConnection to use while binding to a CustomTabsService
CustomTabsSession A class to be used for Custom Tabs related communication. 
CustomTabsSessionToken Wrapper class that can be used as a unique identifier for a session. 
PostMessageService A service to receive postMessage related communication from a Custom Tabs provider. 
PostMessageServiceConnection A ServiceConnection for Custom Tabs providers to use while connecting to a PostMessageService on the client side. 
TrustedWebUtils Class for utilities and convenience calls for opening a qualifying web page as a Trusted Web Activity.