public interface ImageProxy
implements AutoCloseable

An image proxy which has a similar interface as Image.


Nested classes

interface ImageProxy.PlaneProxy

A plane proxy which has an analogous interface as Image.Plane

Public methods

abstract void close()

Closes the underlying Image.

abstract Rect getCropRect()

Returns the crop rectangle.

abstract int getFormat()

Returns the image format.

abstract int getHeight()

Returns the image height.

abstract Image getImage()

Returns the android Image.

abstract ImageInfo getImageInfo()

Returns the ImageInfo.

abstract PlaneProxy[] getPlanes()

Returns the array of planes.

abstract int getWidth()

Returns the image width.

abstract void setCropRect(Rect rect)

Sets the crop rectangle.

Inherited methods

Public methods


public abstract void close ()

Closes the underlying Image.

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public abstract Rect getCropRect ()

Returns the crop rectangle.