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CameraControl An interface for controlling camera's zoom, focus and metering across all use cases. 
CameraInfo An interface for retrieving camera information. 
CameraX.ErrorListener Listener called whenever an error condition occurs within CameraX. 
Config A Configuration is a collection of options and values. 
Config.ExtendableBuilder Extendable builders are used to add externally defined options to a configuration. 
FocusMeteringAction.OnAutoFocusListener Listener for receiving auto-focus completion event. 
ImageAnalysis.Analyzer Interface for analyzing images. 
ImageCapture.OnImageSavedListener Listener containing callbacks for image file I/O events. 
ImageInfo Metadata for an image. 
ImageProxy An image proxy which has an analogous interface as Image
ImageProxy.PlaneProxy A plane proxy which has an analogous interface as Image.Plane
ImageProxyBundle A set of ImageProxy which are mapped an identifier. 
MutableConfig MutableConfig is a Config that can be modified. 
Observable<T> An observable stream which contains data or errors. 
Observable.Observer<T> A callback that can receive new values and errors from an Observable
Preview.OnPreviewOutputUpdateListener A listener of Preview.PreviewOutput
Preview.PreviewSurfaceCallback A callback to access the Preview Surface. 
UseCaseEventConfig Configuration containing options pertaining to EventListener object. 
UseCaseEventConfig.Builder<B> Builder for a UseCaseEventConfig


CameraX Main interface for accessing CameraX library. 
DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory A MeteringPointFactory that can create MeteringPoint by display oriented x, y. 
FocusMeteringAction A configuration used to trigger a focus and/or metering action. 
FocusMeteringAction.Builder The builder used to create the FocusMeteringAction
ImageAnalysis A use case providing CPU accessible images for an app to perform image analysis on. 
ImageAnalysisConfig Configuration for an image analysis use case. 
ImageAnalysisConfig.Builder Builder for a ImageAnalysisConfig
ImageCapture A use case for taking a picture. 
ImageCapture.Metadata Holder class for metadata that will be saved with captured images. 
ImageCapture.OnImageCapturedListener Listener called when an image capture has completed. 
ImageCaptureConfig Configuration for an image capture use case. 
ImageCaptureConfig.Builder Builder for a ImageCaptureConfig
MeteringPoint A MeteringPoint used to specify a region in sensor coordinates for focusing and metering Purpose. 
MeteringPointFactory A Factory to create a MeteringPoint
Preview A use case that provides a camera preview stream for displaying on-screen. 
Preview.PreviewOutput A bundle containing a SurfaceTexture and properties needed to display a Preview. 
PreviewConfig Configuration for a Preview use case. 
PreviewConfig.Builder Builder for a PreviewConfig
SensorOrientedMeteringPointFactory A MeteringPointFactory that can create MeteringPoint by sensor oriented x, y , width and height. 
UseCase The use case which all other use cases are built on top of. 


AspectRatio The aspect ratio of the use case. 
CameraX.ErrorCode The types of error states that can occur. 
CameraX.LensFacing The direction the camera faces relative to device screen. 
FlashMode The flash mode options when taking a picture using ImageCapture. 
FocusMeteringAction.MeteringMode Focus/Metering mode used to specify which 3A regions is activated for corresponding MeteringPoint
ImageAnalysis.ImageReaderMode The different ways that the image sent to the analyzer is acquired from the underlying ImageReader
ImageCapture.CaptureMode Capture mode options for ImageCapture. 
ImageCapture.ImageCaptureError Describes the error that occurred during an image capture operation (such as ImageCapture.takePicture(Executor, OnImageCapturedListener)). 
Preview.UseCaseError Describes the error that occurred during preview operation. 


CameraInfoUnavailableException An exception thrown when unable to retrieve information about a camera.