public static abstract class RecyclerView.ItemAnimator
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView.ItemAnimator

This class defines the animations that take place on items as changes are made to the adapter. Subclasses of ItemAnimator can be used to implement custom animations for actions on ViewHolder items. The RecyclerView will manage retaining these items while they are being animated, but implementors must call dispatchAnimationFinished(ViewHolder) when a ViewHolder's animation is finished. In other words, there must be a matching dispatchAnimationFinished(ViewHolder) call for each animateAppearance(), animateChange() animatePersistence(), and animateDisappearance() call.

By default, RecyclerView uses DefaultItemAnimator.


Nested classes

@interface RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.AdapterChanges

The set of flags that might be passed to RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.recordPreLayoutInformation(State, ViewHolder, int, List)

interface RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemAnimatorFinishedListener

This interface is used to inform listeners when all pending or running animations in an ItemAnimator are finished. 

class RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemHolderInfo

A simple data structure that holds information about an item's bounds. 



This ViewHolder was not laid out but has been added to the layout in pre-layout state by the RecyclerView.LayoutManager.