public interface ViewAssertion

Responsible for performing assertions on a View element.

This is considered part of the test framework public API - developers are free to write their own assertions as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Do not mutate the passed in view.
  • Throw junit.framework.AssertionError when the view assertion does not hold.
  • Implementation runs on the UI thread - so it should not do any blocking operations
  • Downcasting the view to a specific type is allowed, provided there is a test that view is an instance of that type before downcasting. If not, an AssertionError should be thrown.
  • It is encouraged to access non-mutating methods on the view to perform assertion.

Strongly consider using a existing ViewAssertion via the ViewAssertions utility class before writing your own assertion.


Public methods

abstract void
check(View view, NoMatchingViewException noViewFoundException)

Checks the state of the given view (if such a view is present).

Public methods


abstract void check(View view, NoMatchingViewException noViewFoundException)

Checks the state of the given view (if such a view is present).

View view

the view, if one was found during the view interaction or null if it was not (which may be an acceptable option for an assertion)

NoMatchingViewException noViewFoundException

an exception detailing why the view could not be found or null if the view was found