DisplayFeature Description of a physical feature on the display. 
WindowBackend Backing interface for WindowManager instances that server as the default information supplier. 


DeviceState This class is deprecated. Use FoldingFeature to get the state of the hinge instead. Will be removed in alpha03. Information about the state of the device.

Currently only includes the description of the state for foldable devices.  

DeviceState.Builder Builder for DeviceState objects. 
DisplayFeature.Builder This class is deprecated. Will be removed in the next alpha.  
FoldingFeature A feature that describes a fold in the flexible display or a hinge between two physical display panels. 
WindowLayoutInfo Contains the list of DisplayFeature-s located within the window. 
WindowLayoutInfo.Builder Builder for WindowLayoutInfo objects. 
WindowManager Main interaction point with the WindowManager library. 
WindowMetrics Metrics about a Window, consisting of its bounds.