AppSearchSession Provides a connection to a single AppSearch database. 
Capabilities A class that encapsulates all features that are only supported with certain combinations of backend and Android API Level. 
DocumentClassFactory<T> An interface for factories which can convert between instances of classes annotated with \@Document and instances of GenericDocument
GlobalSearchSession Provides a connection to all AppSearch databases the querying application has been granted access to. 
SearchResults Encapsulates results of a search operation. 


AppSearchBatchResult<KeyType, ValueType> Provides results for AppSearch batch operations which encompass multiple documents. 
AppSearchBatchResult.Builder<KeyType, ValueType> Builder for AppSearchBatchResult objects. 
AppSearchResult<ValueType> Information about the success or failure of an AppSearch call. 
AppSearchSchema The AppSearch Schema for a particular type of document. 
AppSearchSchema.BooleanPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a boolean. 
AppSearchSchema.BooleanPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.BooleanPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.Builder Builder for objects
AppSearchSchema.BytesPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a byte array. 
AppSearchSchema.BytesPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.BytesPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.DocumentPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing another Document. 
AppSearchSchema.DocumentPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.DocumentPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.DoublePropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a double-precision decimal number. 
AppSearchSchema.DoublePropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.DoublePropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.LongPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a 64-bit integer. 
AppSearchSchema.LongPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.LongPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.PropertyConfig Common configuration for a single property (field) in a Document. 
AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig Configuration for a property of type String in a Document. 
AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig
GenericDocument Represents a document unit. 
GenericDocument.Builder<BuilderType extends Builder> The builder class for GenericDocument
GetByDocumentIdRequest Encapsulates a request to retrieve documents by namespace and IDs from the AppSearchSession database. 
GetByDocumentIdRequest.Builder Builder for GetByDocumentIdRequest objects. 
GetSchemaResponse The response class of AppSearchSession.getSchema()  
GetSchemaResponse.Builder Builder for GetSchemaResponse objects. 
Migrator A migrator class to translate GenericDocument from different version of AppSearchSchema

Make non-backwards-compatible changes will delete all stored documents in old schema. 

PackageIdentifier This class represents a uniquely identifiable package. 
PutDocumentsRequest Encapsulates a request to index documents into an AppSearchSession database. 
PutDocumentsRequest.Builder Builder for PutDocumentsRequest objects. 
RemoveByDocumentIdRequest Encapsulates a request to remove documents by namespace and IDs from the AppSearchSession database. 
RemoveByDocumentIdRequest.Builder Builder for RemoveByDocumentIdRequest objects. 
ReportSystemUsageRequest A request to report usage of a document owned by another app from a system UI surface. 
ReportSystemUsageRequest.Builder Builder for ReportSystemUsageRequest objects. 
ReportUsageRequest A request to report usage of a document. 
ReportUsageRequest.Builder Builder for ReportUsageRequest objects. 
SearchResult This class represents one of the results obtained from an AppSearch query. 
SearchResult.Builder Builder for SearchResult objects. 
SearchResult.MatchInfo This class represents a match objects for any Snippets that might be present in SearchResults from query. 
SearchResult.MatchInfo.Builder Builder for SearchResult.MatchInfo objects. 
SearchResult.MatchRange Class providing the position range of matching information. 
SearchSpec This class represents the specification logic for AppSearch. 
SearchSpec.Builder Builder for objects
SetSchemaRequest Encapsulates