public abstract class DiffCallback
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.DiffCallback<Value>

Callback that informs ArrayObjectAdapter how to compute list updates when using DiffUtil in ArrayObjectAdapter.setItems(List, DiffCallback) method.

The ArrayObjectAdapter.setItems(List, DiffCallback) method will pass items from different lists to this callback in order to implement the DiffUtil.Callback it uses to compute differences between lists.


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abstract boolean areContentsTheSame(Value oldItem, Value newItem)

Called to decide whether two items have the same data.

abstract boolean areItemsTheSame(Value oldItem, Value newItem)

Called to decide whether two objects represent the same item.

Object getChangePayload(Value oldItem, Value newItem)

Called to get a change payload between an old and new version of an item.

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public DiffCallback ()