public static final class PreviewProgram.Builder
extends Object


This Builder class simplifies the creation of a PreviewProgram object.


Public constructors


Creates a new Builder object.

Builder(PreviewProgram other)

Creates a new Builder object with values copied from another Program.

Public methods

PreviewProgram build()
T extends Builder setAudioLanguages(String[] audioLanguages)

Sets the available audio languages for this program as an array of strings.

T extends Builder setAuthor(String author)

Sets the author or artist of this content.

T extends Builder setAvailability(int availability)

Sets the availability of this TV program.

T extends Builder setCanonicalGenres(String[] genres)

Sets the genres of the program.

PreviewProgram.Builder setChannelId(long channelId)

Sets the ID of the Channel that contains this program.

T extends Builder setContentId(String contentId)

Sets the content ID for this program.

T extends Builder setContentRatings(TvContentRating[] contentRatings)

Sets the content ratings for this program.

T extends Builder setDescription(String description)

Sets a brief description of the program.

T extends Builder setDurationMillis(int duration)

Sets the last playback duration (in milliseconds) of the preview video.