public class ActivityCompat extends ContextCompat

   ↳ ContextCompat
     ↳ ActivityCompat

Helper for accessing features in


Nested types


This interface is the contract for receiving the results for permission requests.


Customizable delegate that allows delegating permission compatibility methods to a custom implementation.

Public constructors

Public methods

static void

Finish this activity, and tries to finish all activities immediately below it in the current task that have the same affinity.

static void

Reverses the Activity Scene entry Transition and triggers the calling Activity to reverse its exit Transition.

static @Nullable Uri

Return information about who launched this activity.

static boolean

This method is deprecated.

Use invalidateOptionsMenu directly.

static boolean

Indicates whether this activity is launched from a bubble.

static void
static void

Cause the given Activity to be recreated with a new instance.

static @Nullable DragAndDropPermissionsCompat

Create DragAndDropPermissionsCompat object bound to this activity and controlling the access permissions for content URIs associated with the android.view.DragEvent.

static void