public final class GridTemplate
extends Object implements Template


A template representing a grid of items.

Template Restrictions

In regards to template refreshes, as described in Screen.onGetTemplate(), this template is considered a refresh of a previous one if:
  • The previous template is in a loading state (see GridTemplate.Builder.setLoading(boolean), or
  • The template title has not changed, and the number of grid items and the title of each grid item have not changed.


Nested classes

class GridTemplate.Builder

A builder of GridTemplate

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
ActionStrip getActionStrip()

Returns the ActionStrip for this template or null if not set.

Action getHeaderAction()

Returns the Action that is set to be displayed in the header of the template, or null if not set.

ItemList getSingleList()

Returns the ItemList instance that contains the grid items to display or null if not set.

CarText getTitle()

Returns the title of the template or null if not set.

int hashCode()
boolean isLoading()

Returns whether the template is loading.

String toString()

Inherited methods