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interface OnScrollChangeListener

Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the scroll X or Y positions of a view change.

This version of the interface works on all versions of Android, back to API v4.


Public methods
abstract Unit
onScrollChange(v: NestedScrollView!, scrollX: Int, scrollY: Int, oldScrollX: Int, oldScrollY: Int)

Called when the scroll position of a view changes.

Public methods


abstract fun onScrollChange(
    v: NestedScrollView!,
    scrollX: Int,
    scrollY: Int,
    oldScrollX: Int,
    oldScrollY: Int
): Unit

Called when the scroll position of a view changes.

v NestedScrollView!: The view whose scroll position has changed.
scrollX Int: Current horizontal scroll origin.
scrollY Int: Current vertical scroll origin.
oldScrollX Int: Previous horizontal scroll origin.
oldScrollY Int: Previous vertical scroll origin.