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interface LifecycleEventObserver : LifecycleObserver

Class that can receive any lifecycle change and dispatch it to the receiver.

If a class implements both this interface and androidx.lifecycle.DefaultLifecycleObserver, then methods of DefaultLifecycleObserver will be called first, and then followed by the call of LifecycleEventObserver#onStateChanged(LifecycleOwner, Lifecycle.Event)

If a class implements this interface and in the same time uses OnLifecycleEvent, then annotations will be ignored.


Public methods
abstract Unit
onStateChanged(@NonNull source: LifecycleOwner, @NonNull event: Lifecycle.Event)

Called when a state transition event happens.

Public methods


abstract fun onStateChanged(
    @NonNull source: LifecycleOwner,
    @NonNull event: Lifecycle.Event
): Unit

Called when a state transition event happens.

source LifecycleOwner: The source of the event
event Lifecycle.Event: The event