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@Immutable interface PopupPositionProvider

Calculates the position of a Popup on screen.


Public methods
abstract IntOffset
calculatePosition(anchorBounds: IntRect, windowSize: IntSize, layoutDirection: LayoutDirection, popupContentSize: IntSize)

Calculates the position of a Popup on screen.

Public methods


abstract fun calculatePosition(
    anchorBounds: IntRect,
    windowSize: IntSize,
    layoutDirection: LayoutDirection,
    popupContentSize: IntSize
): IntOffset

Calculates the position of a Popup on screen.

The window size is useful in cases where the popup is meant to be positioned next to its anchor instead of inside of it. The size can be used to calculate available space around the parent to find a spot with enough clearance (e.g. when implementing a dropdown). Note that positioning the popup outside of the window bounds might prevent it from being visible.

anchorBounds: IntRect The window relative bounds of the layout which this popup is anchored to.
windowSize: IntSize The size of the window containing the anchor layout.
layoutDirection: LayoutDirection The layout direction of the anchor layout.
popupContentSize: IntSize The size of the popup's content.
The window relative position where the popup should be positioned.