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interface OnAnimationUpdateListener

Implementors of this interface can add themselves as update listeners to an DynamicAnimation instance to receive callbacks on every animation frame, after the current frame's values have been calculated for that DynamicAnimation.


Public methods
abstract Unit
onAnimationUpdate(animation: DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!, value: Float, velocity: Float)

Notifies the occurrence of another frame of the animation.

Public methods


abstract fun onAnimationUpdate(animation: DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!, value: Float, velocity: Float): Unit

Notifies the occurrence of another frame of the animation.

animation DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!: animation that the update listener is added to
value DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!: the current value of the animation
velocity DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!: the current velocity of the animation