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abstract class WebViewRenderProcess
   ↳ androidx.webkit.WebViewRenderProcess

WebViewRenderProcess provides an opaque handle to a WebView renderer.


Public constructors

Public methods

abstract Boolean

Cause this renderer to terminate.

Public constructors



Public methods


abstract fun terminate(): Boolean

Cause this renderer to terminate.

Calling this on a not yet started, or an already terminated renderer will have no effect.

Terminating a renderer process may have an effect on multiple android.webkit.WebView instances.

RenderProcess termination must be handled by properly overriding android.webkit.WebViewClient#onRenderProcessGone for every WebView that shares this renderer. If termination is not handled by all associated WebViews, then the application process will also be terminated.

This method should only be called if WebViewFeature#isFeatureSupported(String) returns true for WebViewFeature#WEB_VIEW_RENDERER_TERMINATE.

Boolean: true if it was possible to terminate this renderer, false otherwise.