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open class DetailsOverviewRow : Row
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Row
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.DetailsOverviewRow

An overview Row for a details fragment. This row consists of an image, a description view, and optionally a series of Actions that can be taken for the item.


Application uses setActionsAdapter(ObjectAdapter) to set actions on the overview row. SparseArrayObjectAdapter is recommended for easily updating actions while maintaining the order. The application can add or remove actions on the UI thread after the row is bound to a view.

Updating main item

After the row is bound to a view, the application may call setItem(Object) on UI thread and the view will be updated.

Updating image

After the row is bound to view, the application may change the image by calling or setImageDrawable(Drawable) on the UI thread, and the view will be updated.


Nested classes

Listener for changes of DetailsOverviewRow.

Public constructors
<init>(item: Any!)

Constructor for a DetailsOverviewRow.

Public methods
addAction(action: Action!)

Adds an Action to the overview.

addAction(pos: Int, action: Action!)

Adds an Action to the overview at the specified position.

open Action!

Returns the Action associated with the given keycode, or null if no associated action exists.


Returns a read-only view of the list of Actions of this details overview.


Returns the ObjectAdapter for actions.


Returns the image drawable of this details overview.


Returns the main item for the details page.

open Boolean

Returns true if the image may be scaled up; false otherwise.

removeAction(action: Action!)

Removes the given Action from the overview.


Sets the ObjectAdapter for actions.

setImageBitmap(context: Context!, bm: Bitmap!)

Sets a Bitmap as the image of this details overview.


Sets a drawable as the image of this details overview.

open Unit

Allows or disallows scaling up of images.

setItem(item: Any!)

Sets the main item for the details page.

Inherited functions

Public constructors


DetailsOverviewRow(item: Any!)

Constructor for a DetailsOverviewRow.

item Any!: The main item for the details page.

Public methods


fun addAction(action: Action!): Unit

Deprecated: Use setActionsAdapter(ObjectAdapter) and getActionsAdapter()

Adds an Action to the overview. It will throw ClassCastException if the current actions adapter is not an instance of ArrayObjectAdapter. Must be called on the UI thread.