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open class TooltipCompat
   ↳ androidx.appcompat.widget.TooltipCompat

Helper class used to emulate the behavior of View#setTooltipText(CharSequence) prior to API level 26.


Public methods
open static Unit
setTooltipText(@NonNull view: View, @Nullable tooltipText: CharSequence?)

Sets the tooltip text for the view.

Public methods


open static fun setTooltipText(
    @NonNull view: View,
    @Nullable tooltipText: CharSequence?
): Unit

Sets the tooltip text for the view.

Prior to API 26 this method sets or clears (when tooltip is null) the view's OnLongClickListener and OnHoverListener. A toast-like subpanel will be created on long click or mouse hover.

view View: the view to set the tooltip text on
tooltipText CharSequence?: the tooltip text