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abstract class AbstractApplier<T> : Applier<T>
   ↳ androidx.compose.runtime.AbstractApplier

An abstract Applier implementation.

import androidx.compose.runtime.Composition
import androidx.compose.runtime.ComposeNode
import androidx.compose.runtime.mutableStateOf
import androidx.compose.runtime.remember

// Provided we have a tree with a node base type like the following
abstract class Node {
    val children = mutableListOf<Node>()

// We would implement an Applier class like the following, which would teach compose how to
// manage a tree of Nodes.
class NodeApplier(root: Node) : AbstractApplier<Node>(root) {
    override fun insertTopDown(index: Int, instance: Node) {
        current.children.add(index, instance)

    override fun insertBottomUp(index: Int, instance: Node) {
        // Ignored as the tree is built top-down.

    override fun remove(index: Int, count: Int) {
        current.children.remove(index, count)

    override fun move(from: Int, to: Int, count: Int) {
        current.children.move(from, to, count)

    override fun onClear() {

// A function like the following could be created to create a composition provided a root Node.
fun Node.setContent(
    parent: CompositionContext,
    content: @Composable () -> Unit
): Composition {
    return Composition(NodeApplier(this), parent).apply {

// assuming we have Node sub-classes like "TextNode" and "GroupNode"
class TextNode : Node() {
    var text: String = ""
    var onClick: () -> Unit = {}
class GroupNode : Node()

// Composable equivalents could be created
@Composable fun Text(text: String, onClick: () -> Unit = {}) {
    ComposeNode<TextNode, NodeApplier>(::TextNode) {
        set(text) { this.text = it }
        set(onClick) { this.onClick = it }

@Composable fun Group(content: @Composable () -> Unit) {
    ComposeNode<GroupNode, NodeApplier>(::GroupNode, {}, content)

// and then a sample tree could be composed:
fun runApp(root: GroupNode, parent: CompositionContext) {
    root.setContent(parent) {
        var count by remember { mutableStateOf(0) }
        Group {
            Text("Count: $count")
            Text("Increment") { count++ }


Public constructors
<init>(root: T)

An abstract Applier implementation.

Public methods

Move to the root and remove all nodes from the root, preparing both this Applier and its root to be used as the target of a new composition in the future.

open Unit
down(node: T)

Indicates that the applier is getting traversed "down" the tree.

open Unit

Indicates that the applier is getting traversed "up" the tree.

Protected methods
MutableList<T>.move(from: Int, to: Int, count: Int)

abstract Unit

Called to perform clearing of the root when clear is called.

MutableList<T>.remove(index: Int, count: Int)

Inherited functions