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abstract class AbstractMediaListHeaderPresenter : RowPresenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Presenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.RowPresenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.AbstractMediaListHeaderPresenter

Abstract presenter class for rendering the header for a list of media items in a playlist. The presenter creates a ViewHolder for the TextView holding the header text.

Subclasses of this class must override in order to bind their header text to the media list header view.

AbstractMediaItemPresenter can be used in conjunction with this presenter in order to display a playlist with a header view.


Nested classes

The ViewHolder for the AbstractMediaListHeaderPresenter.

Inherited constants
Public constructors
<init>(context: Context!, mThemeResId: Int)

Constructor used for creating an abstract media-list header presenter of a given theme.

Constructor used for creating an abstract media-list header presenter.

Public methods
open Boolean

open Unit

Sets the background color for the row views within the playlist.

Protected methods
open RowPresenter.ViewHolder!

abstract Unit

Binds the playlist header data model provided by the user to the ViewHolder provided by the AbstractMediaListHeaderPresenter.

open Unit

Inherited functions