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open class FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter : RowPresenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Presenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.RowPresenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter

Renders a DetailsOverviewRow to display an overview of an item. Typically this row will be the first row in a fragment such as the androidx.leanback.app.DetailsFragment. The View created by the FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter is made in three parts: logo view on the left, action list view on the top and a customizable detailed description view on the right.

The detailed description is rendered using a Presenter passed in FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter(Presenter). Typically this will be an instance of AbstractDetailsDescriptionPresenter. The application can access the detailed description ViewHolder from ViewHolder#getDetailsDescriptionViewHolder().

The logo view is rendered using a customizable DetailsOverviewLogoPresenter passed in FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter(Presenter, DetailsOverviewLogoPresenter). The application can access the logo ViewHolder from ViewHolder#getLogoViewHolder().

To support activity shared element transition, call setListener(Listener) with FullWidthDetailsOverviewSharedElementHelper during Activity's onCreate(). Application is free to create its own "shared element helper" class using the Listener for image binding. Call setParticipatingEntranceTransition(boolean) with false

The view has three states: STATE_HALF STATE_FULL and STATE_SMALL. See androidx.leanback.app.DetailsFragment where it switches states based on selected row position.


Nested classes

Listeners for events on ViewHolder.


A ViewHolder for the DetailsOverviewRow.

static Int

This is the alignment mode that the ending edge of logo and the starting edge of description align to the middle of the overview view.

static Int

This is the alignment mode that the logo and description align to the starting edge of the overview view.

static Int

This is the state when the view covers full width and height of screen.

static Int

This is the default state corresponding to layout file.

static Int

This is the state where the view shrinks to a small banner.

Inherited constants
Public constructors
<init>(detailsPresenter: Presenter!)

Constructor for a FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter.

<init>(detailsPresenter: Presenter!, logoPresenter: DetailsOverviewLogoPresenter!)

Constructor for a FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter.

Public methods

Returns the background color of actions.


Returns alignment mode of Description.


Returns the background color.


Returns the initial state used to create ViewHolder.

open OnActionClickedListener!

Returns the listener for Action click events.


Returns true if the overview should be part of shared element transition.



Called by DetailsOverviewLogoPresenter to notify logo was bound to view.


Sets the background color for Action Bar.

setAlignmentMode(alignmentMode: Int)

Set alignment mode of Description.


Sets the background color.

open Unit