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interface ChildDrawingOrderCallback

A callback interface that can be used to alter the drawing order of RecyclerView children.

It works using the ViewGroup#getChildDrawingOrder(int, int) method, so any case that applies to that method also applies to this callback. For example, changing the drawing order of two views will not have any effect if their elevation values are different since elevation overrides the result of this callback.


Public methods
abstract Int
onGetChildDrawingOrder(childCount: Int, i: Int)

Returns the index of the child to draw for this iteration.

Public methods


abstract fun onGetChildDrawingOrder(
    childCount: Int,
    i: Int
): Int

Returns the index of the child to draw for this iteration. Override this if you want to change the drawing order of children. By default, it returns i.

i Int: The current iteration.
Int The index of the child to draw this iteration.