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open class TransitionSet : Transition
   ↳ androidx.transition.Transition
   ↳ androidx.transition.TransitionSet

A TransitionSet is a parent of child transitions (including other TransitionSets). Using TransitionSets enables more complex choreography of transitions, where some sets play ORDERING_TOGETHER and others play ORDERING_SEQUENTIAL. For example, AutoTransition uses a TransitionSet to sequentially play a Fade(Fade.OUT), followed by a ChangeBounds, followed by a Fade(Fade.OUT) transition.

A TransitionSet can be described in a resource file by using the tag transitionSet, along with the standard attributes of TransitionSet and Transition. Child transitions of the TransitionSet object can be loaded by adding those child tags inside the enclosing transitionSet tag. For example, the following xml describes a TransitionSet that plays a Fade and then a ChangeBounds transition on the affected view targets:

<transitionSet xmlns:android=""


static Int

A flag used to indicate that the child transitions of this set should play in sequence; when one child transition ends, the next child transition begins.

static Int

A flag used to indicate that the child transitions of this set should all start at the same time.

Inherited constants
Public constructors

Constructs an empty transition set.

<init>(@NonNull context: Context, @NonNull attrs: AttributeSet)

Public methods
open TransitionSet

open TransitionSet
addTarget(@NonNull target: View)

open TransitionSet
addTarget(@IdRes targetId: Int)

open TransitionSet
addTarget(@NonNull targetName: String)

open TransitionSet
addTarget(@NonNull targetType: Class<*>)

open TransitionSet
addTransition(@NonNull transition: Transition)

Adds child transition to this set.

open Unit
captureEndValues(@NonNull transitionValues: TransitionValues)

open Unit
captureStartValues(@NonNull transitionValues: TransitionValues)

open Transition

open Transition
excludeTarget(@NonNull target: View, exclude: Boolean)

open Transition
excludeTarget(@NonNull targetName: String, exclude: Boolean)

open Transition
excludeTarget(targetId: Int, exclude: Boolean)

open Transition
excludeTarget(@NonNull type: Class<*>, exclude: Boolean)

open Int