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open class Explode : Visibility
   ↳ androidx.transition.Transition
   ↳ androidx.transition.Visibility
   ↳ androidx.transition.Explode

This transition tracks changes to the visibility of target views in the start and end scenes and moves views in or out from the edges of the scene. Visibility is determined by both the View#setVisibility(int) state of the view as well as whether it is parented in the current view hierarchy. Disappearing Views are limited as described in Visibility#onDisappear(android.view.ViewGroup, * TransitionValues, int, TransitionValues, int).

Views move away from the focal View or the center of the Scene if no epicenter was provided.


Inherited constants
Public constructors

<init>(@NonNull context: Context, @NonNull attrs: AttributeSet)

Public methods
open Unit
captureEndValues(@NonNull transitionValues: TransitionValues)

open Unit
captureStartValues(@NonNull transitionValues: TransitionValues)

open Animator?
onAppear(sceneRoot: ViewGroup!, view: View!, startValues: TransitionValues!, endValues: TransitionValues!)

open Animator?
onDisappear(sceneRoot: ViewGroup!, view: View!, startValues: TransitionValues!, endValues: TransitionValues!)

Inherited functions