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open class WearableRecyclerView : RecyclerView
   ↳ android.view.View
   ↳ android.view.ViewGroup
   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView
   ↳ androidx.wear.widget.WearableRecyclerView

Wearable specific implementation of the RecyclerView enabling circular scrolling} and semi-circular layouts.


Inherited constants
Public constructors
<init>(context: Context!)

<init>(context: Context!, @Nullable attrs: AttributeSet?)

<init>(context: Context!, @Nullable attrs: AttributeSet?, defStyle: Int)

<init>(context: Context!, @Nullable attrs: AttributeSet?, defStyle: Int, defStyleRes: Int)

Public methods
open Float

Returns the current bezel width for circular scrolling as a fraction of the screen's radius.

open Float

Returns how many degrees does the user have to rotate for to scroll through one screen height.

open Boolean

Returns whether circular scrolling is enabled for this view.

open Boolean

Returns whether the view is currently configured to center the edge children.

open Boolean

open Unit

Taps within this radius and the radius of the screen are considered close enough to the bezel to be candidates for circular scrolling.

open Unit
setCircularScrollingGestureEnabled(circularScrollingGestureEnabled: Boolean)

Enables/disables circular touch scrolling for this view.

open Unit

Use this method to configure the WearableRecyclerView on round watches to always align the first and last items with the vertical center of the screen.

open Unit
setScrollDegreesPerScreen(degreesPerScreen: Float)

Sets how many degrees the user has to rotate by to scroll through one screen height when they are using the circular scrolling gesture.

Protected methods
open Unit